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Neverwinter nights 2 patch ita

Please note: This could significantly affect frame rate, depending on your hardware.
Hammer of the Gods has been fixed to allow for certain types of metamagic.A GetFirstSubArea(object oArea, vector vPosition) function has been added to the game.Bug Fixes Edit General Edit Greater Weapon Specialization (Light Hammer) will no nights longer show up as Greater Weapon Specialization (Flail) The Dedicated Server will now load modules from directories as well as from.mod files.Blood to Water has been fixed to allow for certain types of metamagic.Moon Bolt can now be properly Extended, Empowered or Maximized.Spells Edit Melf's Acid Arrow will no longer be stopped by spell resistance.Mestil's nights Acid Breath will no longer check the caster for spell resistance in some situations.Casting Greater Visage of the Deity will no longer cause the caster to become visible.Improved Mage Armor now correctly provides 6 AC rather than.Hovering over nights a neverwinter property sheet value in the toolset will now correctly display any truncated text as a tooltip.I now have a complete patch set in case support is pulled and I need to reload.Removed item cast at item restriction for spell storing devices (wands, potions, scrolls) Reduced cost patch of 0 level spells for wands, potions, and scrolls by half Added warlock darkness crafting recipes for Gold Filigree Charm and Infernal Focus.Mass Deafness will now only effect enemies on hardcore difficulty setting.This will allow builders and DMs to turn the collision of a creature or placeable object on or off dynamically. Multiplayer Edit Action neverwinter queues will no longer be cleared when a player toggles hostile/friendly in the player list.
Gray Orcs will now be affected by the Charm Person spell.
Strategy Mode neverwinter : Strategy Mode is a top down Play Mode that is intended to make controlling a full party easier.

Damage will no longer depend on other spells cast in following rounds.It will only list the connected players in the game and not who is in your faction.Do I kakumeiki need to pressman only do the ones with xp2?_ Having is not so pleasing a thing as wanting main Posted by Artas1984 at 13:26:34 ccq3d: 105912!Weapon scaling now looks correct main in the toolset.Fixed an issue where the creature cache was not working properly.The descriptions for Bless, Divine Shield and Shield Other have been updated.This was added so characters with low stats main in core abilities could process through level.Fixed a bug in the script editor where certain NWN-specific data types would confuse the parameter info display.But I kept clicking update and it eventually worked (acted as though servers couldn't engineering handle traffic at certain times).Fixed exploit where player can skip Zeeaire's confrontation cut scene using the inter-dimensional sphere.Script changes to the following to address the "Black Screen" issue where cutscenes would fail to fire (this is in addition to the code fix Wheat Field battle main in West Harbor Casavir's intro in Old Owl Well Construct intro when raiding Githyanki Hideout Shandra's scenes. Warlock Invocations Edit Eldritch Blast will no longer deal double damage to creatures immune to critical hits.
Added script function int FindSubString(string sString, string sSubString, int nStart 0 / modified to add nStart Added script function void SetSpellKnown(object oCreature, int nClassPosition, syllabus int nSpell, int bKnown true, int bTrackWithLevel true) Added script function object GetLimboCreatureCount(object oCreature Added script function object GetCreatureInLimbo(int nTh Added.

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